What People Are Saying About Coach Hope

After only two sessions with Hope, I have found a focus and clarity in my thinking.  So often, we need an outside source to cut through the clutter and to help us organize our thoughts and priorities.  Hope has been able to do this for me. I have learned that instead of hanging on to the past, we need to realize the past was there to help us create our future; everything we experience, no matter how painful, is a lesson.  Working with Hope is enabling me to learn from the past, let go of the past and move on with my life.
- Virginia in Connecticut
Coach Hope helped me to create clarity out of chaos.  After a prolonged and destructive divorce, career setbacks and the diagnosis of a chronic disease, Coach Hope championed my sobriety and encouraged me to create short term goals and a plan of action that allowed me to realize my strength of character and embark upon a path to a new and rewarding future. 
- Michael in Michigan
The tools Hope offered for me to start some serious thinking are very manageable, relevant and fun...yes, I said fun! I felt great ease in talking with Hope - she seemed to have a genuine understanding and intelligence about my needs and goals, and a sense of playfulness that helped me feel totally relaxed. Hope asked me questions that allowed me to narrow my focus and, most importantly, she listened. The 'homework' she suggested (nothing felt mandatory!) is proving to be most interesting and helpful.
- Katie in New Mexico

Just the simple act of filling out the Prep Form for my free 1/2 hour session was Powerful!  I began to clarify goals that had been in my head for years. Together we are creating a plan of action, tailored for me to manage my time and organize my life to enable the manifestation of my first short film and a book.  Hope is a creative and fun coach, who both respects my boundaries and gives me the "tough love" I need to get into action!  
-Colette in L.A.

Working with Hope is an amazing experience. Hope helped me to realize that I have all the pieces to the puzzle right before me and with her assistance I am putting them together to witness the complete picture! I leave our sessions highly motivated!
Michelle T. – Florida

Articles & Books

Drama of The Gifted Child (Alice Miller), Women Who Run With The Wolves (Clarissa Pinkola Estes), Be Here Now (Ram Dass), ADD: A Different Perception (Thom Hatmann and Edward M. Hallowell), Taming Your Gremlin – Rick Carson, Imaginary Crimes (Why we punish ourselves and how to stop) – Lewis Engel, PhD and Tom Ferguson, M.D.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available in all denominations from the one session QUICK FIX CERTIFICATE for someone who just needs to finally clean out that back closet; to A MONTH OF CHANGE certificate for those friends who need encouragement and direction in making changes in their lives.

A GIFT OF COACHING is a unique, thoughtful gift for any occasion! Certificates are tailor made for YOUR recipient and can be either emailed or ‘snail’ mailed.

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