By entering this web site you have taken the first step on a very important journey!! The destination? Your Authentic Life.

Your Authentic Life is one that is happy and fulfilled; a life that is free of the ‘shoulda-coulda-wouldas’ that slow us down and make us unproductive! When you are living your Authentic Life even the daily problems you encounter feel more manageable because your life is in balance. Your career, relationships, home environment, health, family, faith and sense of self are all working together to create a life you have chosen, not a life that has been dictated to you by past experience and disappointments.

THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY, NO ONE ELSE’S! It is not your parent’s, your children’s, your significant other’s or your boss'! Even though you may share your life and dreams with those around you – the authenticity of your life is YOUR responsibility. YOUR HAPPINESS IS UP TO YOU!!

A Life Coach is a guide; someone who supports you as you find your way. Someone to cheer you on! A Life Coach invites you to chart the map of your life and encourages you to utilize a compass that is already in your possession– your instinctive sense of self.

 “After only two sessions with Hope, I have found a focus and clarity in my thinking. So often, we need an outside source to cut through the clutter and to help us organize our thoughts and priorities.  Working with Hope is enabling me to learn from the past, let go of the past and move on with my life.” Virginia in Connecticut

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